Oeuvre - False or real?

Sometimes we find paintings or drawings that need some comment re its authenticity.

Posthume signature

In 2001 Sotheby's Amsterdam had 16 paintings and drawings of Zandleven in its auction, all being from the estate of Miss Daendels. Not sold was a.o. JAZ-1909-053:

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Damaged sun flowers in a vase

Black chalk with heightened white, 40 x 30 cm
Not signed, 1909
Owner unknown
   Sotheby, juni 2001 (AM0812) cat. nr. 1161
   Notaris Arnhem, juni 2003 cat. nr. 28
   Venduehuis, oktober 2003 cat. nr. 0458
a bit crayon, on grey paper, estimated about 1909
   Private owner

In june 2003 the Notarishuis te Arnhem had in its auction: Withered sunflowers, Drawing, ..


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The Dordrechts Museum organized in 1962 an overview-exhibition of Zandlevens oeuvre. Catalogue number 33 mentioned: Block of houses with yellow blossoming bushes in the foreground. Canvas, 34.5 x 49.8 cm, coll. N.N. The work was not signed or dated.


JAZ-1910-015, unsigned. Click to enlarge

For sale, but real?

At Ebay we found this painting (October 2003):

ebay-6vsa2 Oil on panel 10 x 12 inches in fine frame 20 x 26 inches, signed J A Zandleven 1922, listed Dutch master.
First half 20th century.
Painting is in good, original condition (no repairs, no in paint).
Frame is in good condition (some minor chips and scratches).
Fantastic still life of fruit. In a very good shape. Painted by Jan Adam Zandleven in his own specific style for which he is famous. Zandleven is a listed Dutch master (Koog aan de Zaan 1868 - Rhenen 1923).

Is this a real Zandleven?


Found at an auction of fourniture in Belgium

The contributor on this painting asks himself: "a joke? A bet with another artist?".

DSC00041x.jpgTwo ladies rowing

Oil on canvas ,
25 x 35,5 cm.
Signed b.l. 1915


The wrong signature

Auctioneer Notarishuis Arnhem B.V. sold this painting in 2001:


Dimensions unknown
Signed bottom-right.

This is not a real Zandleven.
We have two strong arguments for this: